Limiting User Permissions to Users Data Only

5 years 1 month ago #73338 by mark01
A description of what I want to do may be the best way to ask this.
I have gas/petrol mystery shopper data gathered by site [N=987]using Limesurvey.
I want each site to be able to access their results - but only theirs, not others.
I have previously got good advise on how to limit user permissions. I can do this but can only limit the permissions by function or area [i.e. in my case I limit users to "Get statistics"].
I now want to add further user permissions i.e. by site - i.e. linking their password to their sites data only.

Any suggestions?

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5 years 1 month ago #73350 by Steve01

I'm not sure if it is a good solution to add a user with permissions for each site. This could get quite big if you have many sites. As far as I know you cannot restrict the user to see only a part of the statistics.

Perhaps this two ideas might not be the best way to do it but they came to my mind.

1. User with "Statictics/Export" permission exports the results for the sites
You add one user which can show statistics and show + export answers. You than switch to the statistics menu, filter the results for the site and export the statistics. If the exported pdf doesn't look good it might be an idea to use a pdf printer in order to print the statstics.

2. Send detailed admin notification email to sites
If you are able to get the email an email adress of the site owner it might be an idea to send a detailed admin notification email to this person. However, this will only show the answer given by a participant and no statistics and you might have to use some Javascript tricks in order to get the correct email adress.

If you have an idea how a possible new feature could look like you can add this idea to , perhaps it will be added in further versions.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Stefan Gohlke
LimeSurvey Team

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5 years 1 month ago #73369 by Mazi
Restricting the admin statistics view to filtered data is indeed not easy.
How many different sites are there? Would it make sense to copy survey and survey results (use VV import/export), then limit the data for each copy to one station (delete the rest) and then assign each site the according rights to view "their" copy of the data?

All other approaches I can think of require some coding to edit the statistics script. One could for example read out the user name, then pre-set a certain filter for the "site" question which is always applied and can't be changed because we simply hide that filter option by code.

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
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