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I need an "accept my conditions" function!

5 years 4 weeks ago #73045 by seqis
I would like to integrate an "accept my condition" page or checkbox before someone can start my survey.

Something like a checkbox on the welcomepage. If it's true the user is abble to begin with the survey. Or a page after the welcomepage which stops the user and only if he accept my conditions, ha can go on.

I tried some javasrcipt on the .psptl files, but this dont work correctly. Is there a way to get this work, or does this function already exists and i missed it!

Thx 4 help :)


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5 years 4 weeks ago - 5 years 4 weeks ago #73060 by Mazi
The simple solution is:
- Skip the welcome text (there is a setting for this at the survey settings of the latest Limesurvey version).
- Put the Welcome text into a multiple short question which is shown on a single page at the beginning of the survey.
- As only answer option use something like "I agree to the terms above".
- At a following question add a condition like "Ohnly show question Y of at question X 'I agree to the terms above' was checked".
- Copy this condition to ALL following questions.
- Add a last question of type text display (if necessary) with a message like "Sorry, you can only participate if you agree to our terms". Set a condition to only show thsi question if the check box was NOT ticked at question 1.

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5 years 4 weeks ago #73068 by TMSWhite
In version 1.92, rather than copying the condition to all following questions, you can copy the relevance equation to all following groups.

So, say your question is named accepted[b/], the relevance equation for all subsequent groups should be set to:

accepted == 'Y'

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