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Eliminate Inclomplete Surveys

5 years 1 month ago #72184 by juniparr

I have an issues, I get a lot of incomplete surveys from my users. Is there a way to prevent these all together? I tried making the Session time out seconds like '9999999' or something unimaginable like that but we are still receiving incomplete surveys. I don't know how to eliminate it, I rather it not save incomplete surveys. Its pretty useless.

Please look at my screen shot for more info: You will see that Pol Feden submitted his survey 3 times before it was Complete. And surveys 7 though 9 are completely blank. Anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it?


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5 years 1 month ago #72189 by Mazi
1. There is no screen shot?!

2. You would need to ask the users why they don't complete surveys. It can be caused by bad survey design, too many questions or technical problems. You have to find out about that first.

3. Test the survey yourself to check if there are any problems showing up.

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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #72236 by Steve01
Mazi is right, there could be many different reasons. If you don't want the user to submit a completely blank survey you could perhaps add just one mandatory question so participants cannot continue the survey if they don't answer at least this question.

I also had some incomplete responses but they were only about 5 from 100 participants. It can be quite a pain to figure out what is wrong. If you have access to the log files of your server it might be an idea to have a look into the error or access log to see if something seems strange, where exactly the user stops and perhaps which browser and browser version they are using.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Stefan Gohlke
LimeSurvey Team
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