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5 years 3 months ago #71291 by bwoo5
I have a token based survey that we are not using email for. So we created a token table and generated tokens for the participants. We then send them to the general link without the token to take the survey so that it asks them to enter in their token into the box.

My question is how can I change the message they see to say "code" instead of token? the message that displays on the site is
"This is a controlled survey. You need a valid token to participate.
If you have been issued a token, please enter it in the box below and click continue.

I would like to replace "token" with "code" each time it appears and also where the word "token" appears in front of the box. Where do I go to do this. I have downloaded poedit and the en language file, if that is where I change it could someone give me a quick explanation of how to change the text? Thanks.

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5 years 3 months ago #71305 by Steve01

I hope it's okay for you (as gold donator) if I try to help you/answer this question even though I'm not a member of the LimeSurvey support team.

I assume you found the article because you have downloaded Poedit and the en language file.

The first step is to start the Poedit application. You'll be asked to select the language for poedit and be able to set the options for this programme. After a click on "OK" you have to open the en language file. To do so just click on the "File" menu and "Open ...". You have to browse to and select the en language file. In the main window you then see a column for the original string and one column for the translation. You then search for the original string you want to change. So open the "Edit" menu and select "Find ...". Search for "This is a controlled survey" and close the "Find ..." window. The entry "This is a controlled survey" is now marked. In the first text area under the table you will see the text for the token message. Use the second text to write your "translation", e.g.
"This is a controlled survey. You need a valid code to participate.". Continue the "search" and "add translation" steps until everything you want is "translated". Then use the "save" function ("File" menu -> "Save") to save your work. Then put the .mo file into the live directory of your LimeSurvey installation, i.e. "/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/" .

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,

Stefan Gohlke
LimeSurvey Team

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5 years 3 months ago #71306 by bwoo5
Thanks very much for the response and the instructions. I was able to update the text as needed.

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