survey result statistics screen: print/display open comments

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ckolar created the topic: survey result statistics screen: print/display open comments
Hello. We are running 1.91+ and it is hooked into our institutional LDAP server. I would like to be able to run our end-of-course instructor surveys on LS (we have moved *almost* everything off of Smonkey). The one hangup that we have is the display of open-ended comments in the response review/stats page.

Ideally, we would like to be able to "print" the stats report page and deliver it to the faculty member and department chair (well, ideally they would be able to log in and look at it themselves, but that is a completely different issue).

1. When you pull up the statistics/summary report for the fields the open-ended questions and the "other" responses are behind a "browse" button -- so you would have to individually open and print each one. Does not scale.

2. The PDF output option only shows responses as answer/no answer for the open response items. No detail.

3. The same goes for the excel version. No details on for the comment items.

I am wondering if there is a workaround for this, or if I should be reconsidering the workflow. We have to set up one survey per course right now because we can't have crossover viewing of results among faculty and we like being able to not have to do an extra layer of downloading and processing on our end for things like the tables.

If I can get past this issue then I will have moved the institution 100% over to Lime. Thanks! Chris

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