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Can I loop a survey?

5 years 2 months ago #70710 by shielphi
Hi, I'm a noob here on ground zero.
I have to record decisions made by people as they operate software. The software asks a question of the person "This looks OK, you should do it" The human operator then decides "yes I will" or "no I wont".

I need to record the reason for their decision in about 5 text boxes. The text boxes are submitted for that decision. The same set of text boxes are presented ready for the next decision. This goes over and over until the user suspends it and then restarts it again maybe some days later where they left off. There would be a "I have finished all together" button.

If I can't do this with Lime survey (which looks fantastic)could someone suggest an on-line method? It is for my PhD studying human/machine decisions.
Many Thanks de Phil.

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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #70729 by tpartner
There is no "looping" in LimeSurvey. You will need to create groups of questions for all possible decisions before activating the survey. You can export and import groups to make this easier.

LimeSurvey does have a "Resume later" capability so the respondents can continue at a later date.

In your template, you can place a "Submit" button on every page along with the normal "Next" button. If you need this only on certain pages, you can use JavaScript to insert it.

In short, LimeSurvey should do everything you need.

Tony Partner

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