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Extract current subject number for conditional hiding

5 years 2 months ago #70534 by kuehnik
Can I use the current subject number in a hidden text question to conditionally show/hide a subsequent question?

E.g.: Show a question to all subjects with even subject number and hide it from all subjects with odd subject number?


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5 years 2 months ago #70542 by Mazi
Have a look at the conditions wiki page:

Theoretically it should be possible using a regular expression but I have never tried:

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5 years 2 months ago #70554 by tpartner
By "current subject number" do you mean the response ID?

If so, you can use the {SAVEDID} placeholder to retrieve it but only after a question page has been submitted.

Then it would be fairly easy to use the JavaScript modulus operator to determine whether the ID was odd or even and populate a hidden question accordingly.

Tony Partner

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