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Multiple Sessions Question

5 years 3 months ago #67728 by macphreak
Hello - we have a survey that is a token based survey. I was wondering if there would be a way (even if it's through php coding) to not allow someone else to login to the same survey if the current survey was being accessed with the same token?

Our situation is that our survey is being sent (via email with token links) to a single person. This single person might then forward their email to another person at the company for them to fill out their part of the survey at a later date.

However, we need to not allow both users in the survey at the same time if possible. The only way I could possibly think to do this is to create a session that is tied to the token that is passed through the link. Then, if this session is active, it doesn't allow anyone else access to the survey (just for that token).

Does Lime Survey already have something like this? If not, what would be the file I would need to look in to implement something like this?


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5 years 3 months ago #67755 by Mazi
Limesurvey uses sessions and also stores lots of data in sessions during survey runtime. So I'm pretty sure you'll find the token data in there. Just do a print_r() of the session data (I think within index.php should make sense) to find out.

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