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need multiple answers for different facilities

5 years 5 months ago #66029 by claranne
I have to survey some entites that have one main office that oversees one or more buildings.

I have developed a two part survey, one is basic information on the main office, and the second part is specific information about each building overseen by that main office (in one instance, there are 15 such buildings). Any recommendations on how to set it up so I can get 1 set of responses from the main office and then one set of responses for each building?

I have thought about making the last question "Do you have another building?" and if they answer yes, taking them to another set of questions until they respond for all 15. BUT, that requires a lot of copying and manipulating....just wondering if there is an easier way to do it.


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5 years 5 months ago #66030 by holch
At the moment it is the only option that I see for you if it has to be in one survey.

There would be the possibility to create to questionnaires and the second one can be filled out as many times as you allow (see tokens and the uses left feature).

However, I think I would go for the copy and paste version and have it all in one survey (just as you described). Or you could ask at the beginning how many buildings they have and show the questions via conditions based on that.

If you already know the number of buildings you could include this as a custom attribute in the tokens and base the conditions on this.

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