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Limesurvey verlassen und zurückkehren / exit lime and return/jump back

5 years 5 months ago #65688 by simulator
In the middle of a survey we have to jump to an external page and afterwards we want to return to the survey.
Is -SGQA- the proper tool? the current session of the user will be still active during exit and jump back. do we need to pass any user specific parameters e.g.session cookie ?

The Boilerplate question type together with an external link seems to be the best way - correct? Is there a possibility to hide the [forward] and [back] buttons only for this boilerplate?


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5 years 5 months ago #65856 by Mazi
Why do you want to redirect the user to an external page? What is the purpose of this?

To me the easiest solution would be to add some custom Javascript code to a boilerplate question which then opens the other page in a new window. This new window could have a Javascript "close this page" link so the user will be returned to the survey.

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