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change warning message on a ranking question?

5 years 5 months ago #65577 by bwoo5
I have a ranking question where I need them to rank minimum 3 items. I have code in the source code of the ranking question to make it so you can click and drag the items. My problem is that if the person doesn't select 3 items, the warning message says "you must rank at least 3 items in question (question text.. but also includes the source code text)
Is there any way to make it not include the source code text and just have the question text?
I downloaded the language file to try to edit this but the string is
Please rank at least %d item for question \"%s\"
if i remove the \"%s\" I get an error when trying to save it.
I either need to just not show the source code text in the warning message or make it so the warning message just says "please rank the minimum number of items for this question"

Thanks =)

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5 years 5 months ago #65664 by tpartner
By "source code text" I assume you mean JavaScript.

Move the script to the group description (if shown) or the help text of the question.

Tony Partner

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