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Survey - Assessment and Rating

5 years 5 months ago #65537 by harry77

I am trying to setup a 360 assessment through Limesurvey. Purpose is like this:

1. Users or Employees will self assess themselves.
2. Manager of each employee will provide their assessment against the selfassessment.
3. Report Generation of average of the ratings.

Concept-wise is this possible through this framework, any experienced guys on this framework, please suggesr if I have chosen the correct tool to explore my requirement. Thanks.


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5 years 5 months ago #65539 by TMSWhite
Interesting idea. Others may have suggestions on how to do this in 1.91+

For 1.92, I'm trying to support a similar survey style we used with another tool. We created a long survey that included the equivalent of the employee and manager parts in a single survey (but we were doing psychiatric diagnostics of patients followed by clinician review). After the subject filled out the first half, s/he got to a question saying s/he was done. The next question required a password. We ran reports of who had gotten to that point, and then emailed contact information to the follow-up person. That person would then resume the survey, enter the password, and do tailored follow-up (being able to review the subject's answers if needed - which we did but you may not). The last page(s) of the survey would process the scores from subject and reviewer and save those results to the database, optionally generating summary reports that could be put in the patient's chart (or employee's file).

I expect something similar can be done in 1.91+, but someone else should confirm this.

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