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Combine responses of two related surveys into one datasheet

5 years 5 months ago #65376 by ltcha4
The survey I am currently working on comprises of two parts. The first part is just like any other ordinary survey. At the end of the survey, the person (e.g. John) will need to nominate at least one colleague to a maximum of 3 colleagues (e.g. Mary, Jane, Tom) to rate his/her behavior. Invitation will be sent to all Mary, Jane and Tom via emails, with the same token.

The tricky one is the second part. Only one out of the three (Mary, Jane or Tom) can participate the survey. Say if Mary did, Mary's response must appear after John's response in the datasheet, as Mary is rating John's behavior.

As suggested in the forum, I've created two surveys, namely Survey-Self and Survey-Peer. In other words, I have two sets of responses. I have no idea how to set the responses of John (1st survey) and Mary (2nd survey) so that they appear as one when exported. Unless I match them manually, which is impossible, because my sample size is 1000.

So my questions are,
1) How to configure so that only one of the three colleague can participate?

2) Is it possible to combine (not manually of course) the responses of two surveys so that there's only one datasheet (like those exported as spss file)?

Thank you very much in advance. I really need to get this done soonest possible, yet I've been struggling with this for weeks.

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