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Using tokens

5 years 6 months ago #64960 by ciscoweb
We would like to use token management but we also need to send survey invitation with an external software and not from the limesurvey function. Is it possible to integrate token functionality or regenerate the algorithm in order to recreate tokens?

or is there any other functionality other than "token" in order to protect the survey from malicious answers?

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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #64967 by holch
There are two options: Either you create your own tokens and import them into the system, or you create them in Limesurvey and export them to create your own link.

The structure of a survey link looks usually like this:

You can create a number of dummy tokens and then click on "do the survey" for the first one and copy the survey link. Then you split it up in two excell cells/columns:

1. yourdomain.tld/index.php?sid=29141&lang=en&token=
2. 5rd7592gwic7ju5

Export the token table in to a csv file and open it in Openoffice Calc (I have heard that excel is causing trouble sometimes with csv, because it doesn't follow the standards) so you create a new column before the token column and insert the bit of the survey url above until "token=". You can then create a column after the token column and join the both columns until you have the complete link with the individual tokens. Copy the formula down until the last token.

Now you have a list of survey links that you can import into your tool and send. Please be aware that I have not tried this, but I don't see why this shouldn't work. I don't know how your external tool, works, but I guess it isn't a problem to generate mails with individual content.

It would be create if LS would export this link already, but I guess it is not a big thing to follow those steps above. Shouldn't be more than two minutes.

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