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Addition of consent form

5 years 6 months ago #64859 by mlapl1

Is there a *simple* way of adding a consent form at the beginning of a survey?

If the person accepts the conditions then he/she should move to the survey proper. Otherwise, the survey should be terminated.

I found the following link through google, but it seems to indicate that there is/was no simple solution. The conditions statement does not seem to be helpful. I must be missing something.

Very grateful for any advice.


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5 years 6 months ago #64862 by rvenkat
I've obtained informed consent in two ways.

First, use the Welcome screen as the consent form. By clicking "Next" at the bottom of the Welcome message, respondents will indicate their consent to the "conditions". I explicitly state this in the Welcome page with a message like this: By clicking "Next" below you are providing consent to participate in the study.

Second, use quotas to eliminate those who don't provide consent. In this method, I disable the Welcome page and in the 1st question text put the consent conditions. Ask respondents to accept or not with YES/NO options at the end. Set quota for NO to zero.

Those who select YES and submit will be taken the the survey proper.
Anyone who selects NO will be taken to a survey termination page and will be shown a message saying that only those who provide consent will be eligible to participate (use the Quota message option under quotas to create a custom message).

Hope this is helpful.

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5 years 6 months ago #64871 by mlapl1
Thank you very much Ramesh. The second option provides an interesting strategy which I would prefer because I would like people who do not agree to be forced out of the system, thus reducing clutter and risk. I will use the first strategy if all else fails.


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