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multiple answering of the same survey by the same user?

5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #64829 by bolero
I've been asked to provide a survey that is filled out repeatedly every 6 months by more or less the same user base. The purpose obviously is to track any changes to the answers and find if the survey topic (a certain software) has been enhanced over time.

If possible users should not need to login.

I started by using a token-based survey, with the token representing a User-ID. This is done by using the newtoken.php patch. I now realized (yes, a bit late, I don't know why I didn't earlier) that with a token-based survey there can only be one answered survey per token = per user. So, multiple answers cannot be done.

Is there a way to do multiple answers with tokens, anyway? (see below *)
Or is the whole approach of doing this in one survey flawed?

The results are supposed to be exported and then processed with SPSS. I have no idea about SPSS and the person doing the survey and handling the SPSS processing knows a bit about it, but is not an expert I fear.

Would this kind of survey setup fit to the purpose described above and the processing with SPSS?

Or, would it rather be better to copy the survey to a new survey ID and have users fill out the "same" survey but under a different ID each half-year? Then each "new" survey would have the answers of each user under the same token.

Would this fit better to SPSS processing? (e.g. could one import several surveys and compare them with SPSS?).

(*) I found one reference about multiple completed surveys here:

I'm not sure if this really provides *multiple completed* surveys. It rather looks like the survey is set to completed='N' when it gets finished. That's the same record state as if it had never been filled out, but started to fill out. It does not look like I can have multiple filled out surveys for the same token this way, but rather have a survey completed several times and the original survey data getting overwritten which each "new" save. Is this interpretation correct or is it really creating multiple survey records per token? And, if so, can anyone tell if this would be useful for the SPSS processing (as explained above)?

Thanks a lot!
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5 years 5 months ago #64839 by tpartner
You can allow multiple submissions with a single token using the "Uses left" field but I don't think that's what you're after.

I think you can use survey iteration -

As for the SPSS, sure you can merge data from several survey iterations but I would add a question (possibly hidden) to the survey that indicates which iteration the record is from. Then it would be a snap to filter/split the data by the "iteration" value.

Tony Partner

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #64860 by bolero
Thanks for the answer. It may not solve our problem, but it got me something to think about. Iteration may not work for us, because the start of the survey and the subsequent survey times are "floating" for each person. e.g. they start at different times when they get added to the project and the "reas sessment" surveys are then called half a year later for each individual, and so on. Maybe it's better to have fixed survey times to make the comparison easier. Also, thanks for the tip about adding a hidden iteration value field.
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