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add a "loading" GIF while page is loading

5 years 6 months ago #64823 by atiut
I have a huge one-screen survey that had to include all towns and villages in Romania. Naturally, it loads slowly, so I would really need some warning to keep the respondents engaged.

Now, the behaviour of the page, measured on a slow connection is as follows:

Stage A: blank white page, elements are loading in the background: 10 sec (sic)
Stage B: graphical elements start loading: 0.5-1 sec
Stage C: the page is fully usable, but some elements (img tags etc) still load in the background: 3-4 sec

I have tried a couple of javascripts found on the net, but, at best, the image was shown in stages B and C, preventing the respondent to use the page until it loads fully.

What I need is a solution to cover A+B, though A alone would really be sufficient.

Also, after running a check on the page, it would seem that the Javascript took more than 50% of the overall load time. So maybe the GIF should be shown only as long as the Javascript is not fully loaded. (Note: the page is not script-intensive, i guess it is the std script processing lots of data)

I am using a modified version of the default theme.

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5 years 6 months ago #64838 by tpartner
You may not be able to insert an image in Stage A. That may be while the script(s) are accessing the database and constructing the DOM. Without a DOM you can't have an image.

Tony Partner

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5 years 6 months ago #64865 by atiut
Thank you. It kind of makes sense.

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