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Custom survey for each user

5 years 6 months ago #64684 by dataguru
I have an Access database set up.
Trainers collect hard copy data that is entered in Access along with participant name and e-mail address.
Trainers have their trainees specify three goals they want to accomplish. Then later we generate a follow up survey to each trainee to find out the status of implementing their goals. Right now it's a generic survey and people forget what goals they said they'd work on.

My question is...

What's the best way to use the goals data from Access to create a custom survey for each participant?

I'm thinking the survey would list each goal and then ask the person to indicate degree of implementation, along with text fields for comments, barriers, etc.

I'm thinking I could use the attribute fields to import the data into the token table. Can token data be used to conditionally populate text on the surveys? or is there a better way to approach it?


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5 years 6 months ago #64691 by holch
I think the attribute fields would be the best solution. Create 3 questions for the goals with placeholders. Then add the attributes 1-3 to the token table and show them in the questions "Goal 1", "Goal 2", "Goal 3". I think you can export the token attribute fields together with the results, so you also know which goal was which goal for each respondent.

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5 years 6 months ago #64693 by dataguru
Excellent. I'll give that a try. I'll also plan to write up a how-to on it for the wiki.

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