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Conditional Default Answers

5 years 6 months ago #64238 by lmooney01
I have made a wonderful giant grid survey and don't want to make a bunch of things optional if I can help it. So, this is what I'm wondering.

Can I make a drop Down box default to a specific answer based on another drop down box.

I've attached an image so that it helps in explaining my issue, but if a person selects "Never" in the frequency of use for an application, I want the next question in the grid to default to "N/A" because it's asking about Ease of Use.

Oh and so you know, the questions are using one of the javascript work arounds suggested in the documentation to make them all line up in grids. They are each individual questions.

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5 years 6 months ago #64259 by tpartner
Nice job on the side-by-side layout!

You should be able to do this with a JavaScript listener on the "Frequency" dropdowns.

If you can attach a small sample group (2 rows) with your side-by-side script included, I'll see if I can out together a quick solution for you.

Tony Partner

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