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two languages in LimeSurvey - is it bad for the data export afterwards??

5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #63522 by ikojck

I gave my Limesurvey an additional language(german) to the base one(english).
My question is: if some of the participants use the german interface and the others use the base(english) interface is this going to be a problem when exporting the data for SPSS analysis because the answers are stored in the same place-the data file, that i have to export afterwards?? and there may be answers in both languages for example:

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Ivan :)
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5 years 7 months ago #63542 by jelo
I don't see a big problem with your example.
Your example would be coded
1 "Yes"
2 "No"

If you use e.g. SPSS you have a label function and since
you are preparing reports in one language you can change the labels without editing the data. If you hide the labels in SPSS you would only see the raw data. Not yes, no, ja or nein but only 1 or 2.

The free text fields will be in the languages of the participant.
These verbatims have to be translated and if needed, recoded and aggregated.

But since you will need to test the spss import anyway you can answer your question on our own with just two filled out questionnaires ;-)

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