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Hiding user options for demo users & automatically allocating randomised tokens

5 years 7 months ago #63240 by sheddington

Very new to Lime Survey so be gentle with me!

We are considering offering this as a way general practices in the UK can have a free surveys system, so we'd be setting up different practices as users, each with their own surveys. A few questions though.

1. We're setting up a few Demo surveys to show the practices the front-end, but also have set up a Demo user so they can see the results in the back end. This user has all user rights unticked in the 'create/edit users' panel. However, when I log in as this user, the options 'create/edit users' and 'create/edit groups' are there at the top. If the user clicks 'create/edit users' they can see the admin username, real name and email address. Is there any way to remove this from here? Or, even better, to remove the 'create/edit users' and 'create/edit groups' from showing when the user doesn't have any admin permissions?

2. If some practices wish to use targetted surveys, aimed at specific patients in their patient participation groups, we may need to take them through the tokens option. The best way for this to work would be if there was a reusable list of user details that could be used to target different surveys at the same users over time. As far as I can glean, the only way of doing this currently is to have them create a .csv file with certain user fields, then they would need to import this to each new survey. If they do this, is there an option somewhere to add a random code to each user/token if none is specified? Or would they have to come up with random strings of characters for each user, and do this each time they run a new survey?

Basically, am I missing a "add unique random token code to tokens which don't have a code" button?

3. Is there some way to store a token/user list for reuse within the system or do they have to export and import lists for each survey?

thank you!

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5 years 7 months ago #63243 by sheddington
ps. In case I wasn't clear, we are looking at one domain hosting surveys for multiple users. thanks.

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