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how to do advanced questionf flow (random + dynamic)

5 years 7 months ago #63221 by bebs

I would like to implement a complex question sequencing (~routing) mechanism, to ensure a better scientific quality of my work.

My ideal data result would be as follows:
5 Processes
|- 10 Task in each process)
|- 4 Question for each Task (from a set of 80), some being common to many Tasks

The 80 Questions all need to be answered twice (to prevent cheating), in a random order (pseudo-random is OK)... and overall, the 5x10 Tasks should all be covered by 2-3 relating answers at least.

What would be possible options to do this using LimeSurvey?
Do you have any alternative tool (preferably opensource) to recommend?

I thought about the following options, please let me know if any sounds easy/impossible to you!

option A) I create 50 groups (5x10), and put manually a subset of the 80 questions in each group, with randomisation on questions order. (downside: lots of preparatory work; upside: limesurvey handles it already)

option B) I put the 80x2 questions in a single randomisation group, and use javascript to contextualize them to the relevant process & task.JavaScript logic should take care of the (pseudo-random & adaptative) distribution amongst Tasks & Processes. (downside: I suck at javascript; question: how to record the contextualisation choices made in javascript in the limersurvey answer record ~hidden fields?)

any other idea?
Thanks in advance!

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