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non-admin user cannot export all formats and other export problems

5 years 8 months ago #62327 by bolero
This is with Version 1.91RC4 Build 9797
1. A normal user doesn't seeem to be able to export to SPSS or R, there's only a limited range of export icons available on the toolbar and these are not among them. There doesn't seem to be a way to add these permissions.
The survey permissions edit page misses a checkmark for "export" of "statistics". So, this seems to be by design.
However, I can't see a reason why only the super-admin can export these data. I can't believe that I have to elevate this user to be super-admin before he can export stats. Is there a way that I can manipulate the user's record to allow this? And please consider changing this ASAP.

2. The R export doesn't attach the survey id to the filename for the R syntax file. It does put the survey id in the data file. And both files are missing the application name in the filename like the SPSS export files. The R syntax file has an extension of 'R', though. I suggest using the same naming scheme as with the SPSS files.

3. TCPDF output doesn't work for us.
At the time we did the two tests above we got "TCPDF ERROR: wrong output destination: DD". Now I get TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: /path to limesurvey/admin/classes/tcpdf/images/statistics.png
The image actually is in the root directory images. After copying it to that destination we get "[Image] Unable to get image: /tmp/mska_wumj47". Which is a known issue with TCPDF temp path, compare:

I can submit all or part of these as bugs/feature requests, but wanted to get some comments first. Thanks.

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