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FCKeditor - can I fully edit email templates in non-source view ?

5 years 8 months ago #61691 by guelphpeter
Hi everyone, this is a minor issue but one that's causing me grief amongst our users.

We can't seem to fully delete/edit the content of a survey's email templates with the FCKeditor unless one goes right to the source level and edits the HTML.

For example, one can delete various text in the email invitation template, and save the template's content, but the removed items are back in the template the next time one looks at it.

We're running 1.91.

Just wondering if other folks see this, and if you have any suggestions. If possible, we'd like our users not to have to go into the source view.

Thanks in advance,

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5 years 8 months ago #61732 by tpartner
Peter, thanks to Carsten's hard work, the next release of 1.91 will use the CKEditor. This may solve your issues.

Tony Partner

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