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Splitting a survey that has too many columns into multiple, linked surveys

5 years 8 months ago #61564 by Anne68
Hi, I'm creating a survey to be completed by organisations that are members of a peak group (anonymous, token survey). We want each organisation to answer a series of questions about their overall organisation, and then questions for each of their offices. My original plan was to have one survey with 1 organisation section and 10 identical groups of "office" questions (the maximum number of offices of any of the members), ask how many offices they have, and hide the extra question groups.

My problem is that there is just too much information requested in each group, so I'm hitting column limits.

If I split into an organisation survey and then an office survey that they can do once for each office, I lose either anonymity or the link between the info about the different parts of their organisation. Can anyone think of a way around this?

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