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Collating answers and summarising feedback based on answer types

5 years 9 months ago #61212 by Helenmd

A member of staff has asked me if it is possible to set a series of questions and, based on the answers given, give them different feedback.

For example, if we had 5 questions in the survey, all with yes/no answers, then would LimeSurvey realise that most of my answers were yes, and provide me with the appropriate feedback?

I realise that I can provide feedback depending on conditions, but I guess what I'm not sure about is whether LimeSurvey can check the answers and add them up?

Many thanks in advance


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5 years 9 months ago #61214 by holch
You could use the assessment feature for this. Just say "yes" is 1 and "no" is 0. Then you get the sum and with this sum you should be able to work.

What I don't know is though, if you can use the assessment value in conditions. Maybe someone else can help here.

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5 years 9 months ago #61256 by tpartner
Yes, as Holch points out, you can use assessments to display an end message, or use a little JavaScript and {assessment_CURRENT_TOTAL} to display messages during the survey.

assessment values cannot be directly used in conditions but, again with a little JS, can be used to set hidden question(s) which could be used for conditions.

Tony Partner

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