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Exiting an optional survey

5 years 9 months ago #61186 by pchristoph

We're displaying a survey using an overlay on an existing site (limesurvey is running on a different server). For some surveys the user shall have the option to take part or not. Now I would like to add a button which gives the user that option i.e. to exit the survey and close the overlay. The trouble is that according to that users record in the limesurvey DB he/she has not taken part in the survey yet and therefore our overlay keeps opening up.
To show the overlay for a given user I am querying the tokens table to check whether COMPLETED is set to 'N' and when it still is, then we display the survey.

Is there some ootb functionality to use to do that? I was thinking of using the "exit survey and clear all answers" option but we're considering keeping any data the user has entered so far, thus we would relabel the button to display something else.

Any ideas?


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