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Choose columns based on question Title instead of SGQA code within exportresults

5 years 9 months ago #61159 by TMSWhite
I'm trying to implement long epidemiological interviews in LimeSurvey. The researchers spent a lot of time thinking about 8-12 character variable names that they would use for analyses when they export the data to SPSS; and they put those variable names in the Question's Title field.

They would like to be able to preview some of the data when exporting to Excel, but since they think in terms of the Question Title values instead of SGQA codes, they can't find the variables they want. Is there a way within limesurvey/admin/admin.php?action=exportresults to let users to choose columns (under Column control) by Question Title instead of SGQA codes?

I see that the SPSS Export correctly renames variables to use the desired Question Title codes, so these users could always export to SPSS first and then filter out the data they need. However, for doing demos of LimeSurvey to non-SPSS users, it would be nice to show how easily one can extract out the desired data via user-readable variable names.

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