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reset tokens when reusing a token table

5 years 8 months ago #61143 by pmonstad
I can't figure out how to reuse a token table which I have used in a previous survey. When using the token table in a new survey the token status is what is was in the original survey, e.g. completed set to Y.

I can't find a way to reset the completed setting. I can clear the invitation sent. There should be a possibility to reset all token settings when reusing old token tables.

Another thing: There seams to be a limit of only three old token tables in the list. Why is this limited to only three?

A last question: when exporting all kinds of stuff there is no way to give the file a name. All files are names by LS. It is really hard to remeber which file is for what when all are named with a date and a number. I'd like to give them more human names by myself.

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