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Same answers in a textbox repeated

5 years 9 months ago #61056 by tfj
When I first started using LimeSurvey a couple of years ago, I was initially concerned that surveys held on to the answers from the previous respondent. This issue was fixed, but now I have a need to keep the responses for just one particular question (which asks for the first name and the last name of a clinician), not all of them.

One of our surveys is very short and a clinician might enter data for a hundred or more clients in one sitting, one after another. I would like for that particular clinician's first and last names to reappear each time, until a different clinician may want to change them.

A URL with the first and last names (that pre-populates the respective fields) is not what I am looking for.

To clarify, if John Doe is the clinician, then "John" appears in one text box and "Doe" appears in the other no matter how many times John Doe enters data for his clients. If Mary Smith enters data the next day, then she can change John Doe's name to her own, but it will stay unchanged while she is entering data for her clients. Each client is represented by one survey.

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