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Same survey to different groups of survey takers

5 years 9 months ago #60995 by gregryan999
Howdy folks.

I've created a group of about 25 surveys that query users on an educational topic. These surveys are designed to find responses before & after the participants take our online courses showing how well the courses have achieved their goals.

1) I'd like to be able to distribute these 25 surveys to different groups of users with some of those users having admin privies ...and track the responses for each group individually.

Can I do this without recreating a separate LimeSurvey system for each group?

2) Can I mark a group of surveys with some distinctive administrative attributes so that I can grab survey data and know which group of users answered them?

Essentially, I'd like to have a single survey that could be answered by multiple groups of people and track those groups separately (as opposed to all answers being jumbled into a single response report)

3) Is there a document showing how LimeSurvey data is stored in the database so that I can pull the MySQL data directly and analyze it with a PHP (or other customly written) program?


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