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can you convert .lss to .csv ?

5 years 9 months ago #60927 by helm
Hey there,

In order to get my masters degree, I need to do a survey as a part of my thesis. The University is using LimeSurvey 1.50 + (I think 1.85?). Since I never used LimeSurvey before, and the University being the Admin, I didn't want to learn it through trial and error with the possibility that the Admin was watching. So I created a free online account to get the hang of it. Soon I got better and better and before I knew it, my whole survey was built on that try-out account.

Now I want to export the whole survey structure and import it to the University's server. The problem is: the try-out version of Limesurvey only exports to .LSS because it is the latest version, whereas the University one only accepts .CSV or .SQL and keeps giving me errors when I try to import my survey.lss.

Please tell me there is a sollution for this. Otherwise I will have to put days of hard work to waste and rebuild everything on the University server.

Thanks in advance

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5 years 9 months ago #60929 by holch
I don't think that there is an easy way to convert an .lss file (which is an xml structure, into and .csv file, which is a basic text file.

But it doesn't stop here: LS 1.85+ does not offer all the functions that LS 1.9 offers. So you might have used things, that are not available on the university server.

Well, there are some options now:
- Taking the time spent as training, as it was planned anyway and create your survey again on the university server
- Setting up your own server with an up to date version of LS (not that old thing your university is using)
- Get an account with LimeService. Depending on the number of interviews you need this might be actually not that expensive (checked and 100 responses are $10, 1000 are $ 60).

Maybe there is someone else who has a better idea. But as far as I know, there is not tool to transform a .lss file to a limesurvey readable csv file.

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