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Can I set conditions on a date field?

5 years 9 months ago #60813 by cycas
I'd like a question to appear if someone has filled in a date of birth field to indicate their child is less than four years old.

Can I do this with conditions (if so, how? Less than [date] doesn't seem to work? Or will I need to Javascript it? Any hints how to approach this gratefully received!

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5 years 9 months ago #60826 by tpartner
I think you'll need to use JavaScript.

If the questions are on the same page you could put a listener on the date question that compares the input date to todays date and then shows/hides/clears the subsequent question.

If the questions are on separate pages the listener could populate a hidden question that could then be used to control the subsequent question with conditions.

Either way the JS details would depend on your date format.

Tony Partner

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