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can I implement and time a page of a PDF file to my survey?

5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #60623 by ikojck

i want to do a survey for my bachelor thesis. i have two *.pdf files with pictures and text in them.
now, what i want to do is the following:

- i want to upload/implement separately from each other these PDF files into my survey. is this possible? or do i need to convert them somehow so that i can upload them into my survey?

- then i want to time their viewing meaning - i want to have a timer for each and every page of these PDF files so that afterwards i can see how long each experimentee was viewing the certain page(how much time he/she spent on viewing a certain page of this PDF file).is this possible also?

i would appreciate an answer

thank you

best regards
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