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statistical evaluation and item display

5 years 9 months ago #60569 by psycho84
hi everybody,

i am about to write my diploma thesis on "thinking styles". i have already built up the survey using limesurvey and i am very happy with the outcome :-)

but still i have 2 major problems that i am not able to come over. maybe you can help me :-)

1. the survey on thinking styles measures 16 different styles. everyone of us uses all of these thinking styles but in another combination - one style more than another. as small reward for participating i want to show every proband his or her individual combination in form of e.g. a bar chart. is this possible? - i am using limesurvey 1.91 RC6
2. i am using different groups within my survey. i would like to display for one group all question items on one site for the other group each question item on a single site. i know there is the general option to choose how the items should be displayed, but a mixed option i couldn't find yet. so once more: is this possible?

many thanks for your help!!


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