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3 Mods (Icons, Image in Admin Panel, Appearance)

5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #60422 by AAngel
Hi, I would like to know if somebody here can make some modifications to LimeSurvey 1.91 (when stable version is released). In short the mods are:

1.- Create user with special permisions, specifically not able to see most of icons. Basically I want to keep the appearance as simple as possible, when clients look at that many icons they get confused and think the app is difficult to learn, I also don't want the icons to appear disabled because it gives the impresion of "you don't have rights to use this" which clients also don't like.

2.- Pull image in Stats page, dinamically and acording to each user (each user has it's own image and doesn't have to see other user image.

3.- Appearance, basically change admin panel colors for something more pro like white and gray.

More information and screenshots as samples in document attached. If you can do this please pm with quote or proposal.

Thank you in advance.
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5 years 9 months ago #60423 by AAngel
It looks like I can't upload .doc documents althought it says it's allowed in the little square, if you can help please PM and I send you more information.


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