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URGENT: I want Limesurvey but my boss wants MSInfopath !

5 years 10 months ago #60070 by jvanbussel
Hello collaegues,

I want to use Limesurvey for my researchproject. The institute i'm working for, wants us to work with MS Infopath. Could one of you provide me with an objective comparison between the two tools so that i can use that to advocate Limesurvey (as i'm convinced that it is superior to MS Infopath).

It's urgent!


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5 years 10 months ago #60099 by c_schmitz
Hello Johan,

the decision depends very much on what your boss wants to do with MS Infopath. If it is just about online surveys then LimeSurvey will be the better tool for sure - does he need a general form tool to create forms for all kinds of Microsoft applications then InfoPath is the right tool.

Also check out
for references.

Best regards

Carsten Schmitz
LimeSurvey project leader

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5 years 9 months ago #60621 by jvanbussel
Hello Carsten, thnx for the reply.
At our institute we started a comparison between infopath, Blaise and Limsurvey... We used the feature list of limesurvey and my colleagues have to indicate whether the other tools have this feature too. They can also add features they think limesurvey does not have. The infopath colleague added the following infopath-features:
- Auto-formatting a time field when it loses the focus
- Calculating a person's age given a date of birht using rules and formulas
- Calculating date and time differences using VBScript
- Calculating time differences using custom (Jscript) code
- Calculating work days between two date pickers using VBScript
- Filtering a list n the current month and day period
- Switching between day sections using xdExtensions and Jscript
- Auto-fill fields from a drop-down list box selection and secondary data source
- Create a shrinking list in a repeating table
- Create an absence report form using rules
- Filter a repeating table on a date range using rules and filters
- Programmatically retrieve the value of another field in the same row of a repeating table
- AVG function
- Database record selection through a dropdown list box
- Master/detail across views
- Programmatically add records to a database table using VBScript
- Query an Access database table by a list of numbers
- Sequential database table record navigation
- Generate a concatenated string of email addresses from a list using VSBcript
- Transform data from a secondary data source using XSLT

Could you tell me if these functions are also available in limesurvey? This would really help me in my efforts to get Limesurvey accepted as the standard survey tool !!!

Thnx in advance!

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