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2 questions about export responses and ldap

5 years 10 months ago #59868 by itsme
Hello guys, we are still testing limesuvey and so far so good. we are having problem in exporting as pdf.. going to survey > view responses > get statistics from this survey > click yes to view summary > view subquestions then "show graphs=yes" then output as PDF then show stats. but this gives fatal error due to memory limit.... but ? if this is solved by hosting company as I read in the forums, how we can export pdf report including graphs and the "free-text" fields for the answers which include the participants free text typing? there is no option to get this data? (free text of participants typing) ?? please advice

Q2, if we have the limesurvey on the internet, and the LDAP in the organization local servers, how we can integrate them with LDAP, is the possible first?

please response

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