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Show all answers given by a specific group

5 years 10 months ago #59707 by nicks12

I have a question abouw viewing the response of a survey. I'm wondering if it is possible to export the results to (for example) a PDF file and give LimeSurvey the restrictions to only use the answers given by persons who answered question 1 with answer X.

For example:

Question 1: What is your age?
- < 40 years
- > 40 years
- 40 years

Then I want to export all the answers given by people who answered question 1 with: 40 years.

In that way I can tell: People who are 40 answered ... on question 10.

I know this is possible with question restrictions, but I want to be able to view an overall result and easily show all the answers given by specific group.

Hopefully I could make clear what I mean :) Thank you on forehand!

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5 years 10 months ago #59716 by nicks12
I alreade found the solution.

For everyone who'd like to know:

Go to the export mode and select the group of people you'd like to see results from (for example: click the answer "40 years old") then check all questions of which you want to see the answers this group has given. Click export:

You receive statistics of everyone who filled in the survey and checked the answer "40 years old" all other respondents are ignored in this report.

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