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aggregation report

5 years 10 months ago #59631 by limelimer
If I have 100 courses, and every course has the same survey. Can Limesurvey run a aggregation report and show me the statistics that is drew from all the 100 surveys?

Thank you so much!

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5 years 10 months ago #59632 by pwmowers
It may depend on how you are distributing the survey. If you are going to send the survey to students via email, you could do what I recently did and code the class into the token table as an attribute.

I have a number of individuals being evaluated by a number of others (Leadership 360). Originally, we created a separate survey for each person being evaluated and sent it to the each of the evaluators. Not pretty.

After looking up how others handled this in the forums, I combined the idea of using tokens with prefilling answers from the token table. We now have 1 survey, with a mandatory question that is "auto-answered" at the beginning with the subject's name (from the Attribute), The subject's name is also included in the subject line of the email, the email, the reminders, the completion notice, the questions, etc. All derived from including the subject's name in an attribute field. Now all survey results are in the one database, filterable by subject name, and a comprehensive report can be developed using Excel pivot tables, with a page for each subject. We also have the capabilities of using statistical software for aggregation, crosstabs, etc.

May not be feasible in your case, but may give you some ideas to kick about.

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