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Advanced Survey Management

5 years 10 months ago #59605 by Helenmd
Sorry about the double post, I'm not sure how to phrase this particular request..

We are looking to administer course/module surveys throughout the university. Ideally there would be a core survey that would be available to all, but we'd like each department to be able to add a few additional questions to their survey.

We would then like the survey to only be available to students in that particular school/department, possibly pre-populated with their details (using LDAP if needed).

We would then like to collate these surveys together so that all the core questions can be evaluated centrally, and each department can analyse their additional questions.

Is this possible? And if so, has anyone actually done this (or something similar)?

Many thanks

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5 years 10 months ago #59634 by pwmowers
Does each department need to be able to analyze their core questions? Either way, the following might work.

Each Department has their own survey, which contains their questions. The exit url for that survey is the link to the core survey. If you needed to be able to separate the results of the core survey by department, you could pass a token into the core survey by way of the department's exit url. This token would be stored with the core answers (or not).

Each department would be able to analyze their own survey, but the core would contain the pooled answers to the commmon question, filterable by department if desired.
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