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Referring to other mention in multiple options using INSERTANS

5 years 10 months ago #59573 by lsexton
Hi there,

I think I might be brain dead after a long week, but here goes:

This is the set-up I have:

I have a multiple options question on page 1 that includes an 'Other' option.

On page 2, I have a single response question, with the answer built using javascript from the mentions at page 1. That is, the list of options on the second question exactly match the list of options from the first, and those selected at question 1 are the ones shown at question 2.

This gets a little tricky though when referencing the 'Other'. For some reason, I can't work out how to reference the other mention using INSERTANS.

I'm thinking that {INSERTANS:SIDXGIDXQIDother} should work (as this is the structure when exporting the data), but this just comes up as 'No answer'.

How can I reference the Other mention entered here?

Using limesurvey 1.86

Thanks for the help,

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5 years 10 months ago #59615 by tpartner
I don't believe you can access the text input for "Other" with INSERTANS.

How about loading the "Other" value into a hidden short-text question to be accessed with INSERTANS?

Tony Partner

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