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Avoid being classified as spam

5 years 10 months ago #59399 by granen
I couldn´t find any good thread regarding the problem with surveys sent out being classified as spam. What is the most important parts? This is what I am doing today

1. Use proper smtp setting
2. Send out in small batches and over a long time
3. Use name of the respondent in the mail so the content is a bit unique.
4. Use the optout function

Is it something else I should consider?


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5 years 10 months ago #59408 by holch
First of all, you should only send out to people that agreed to participate. There are still chances that they forgot that they agreed and they mark you as spam, but the chance is a lot lower.

Use of a properly configured smtp server that is trusted also helps.

Make also sure that your list is up to date and correct. As far as I know, some of the big email providers such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail are getting suspicious when you send emails to a certain amount of their email account that don't exist. So spelling mistakes and wrong email addresses can be fatal.

Make sure that your IP and your IP range is not used by spammers. There are providers that are know for having loads of spammers on their systems. Once you are in that bad neighbour hood you can get easily mistaken as a spammer when you start to send more than the normal bunch of emails per day.d

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4 years 10 months ago #77524 by Mazi
@ "4. Use the optout function"
-> that might cause a contradictory effect, see #6 at the "email content" section of this blog post on at which I collected all "spam" related advice I could find at the forums:
How to prevent Limesurvey email invitations or reminders being treated as spam .

If I forgot anything, please add a note here.


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