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Voting from Blackberries via keywords (instead of the i phone mobile application

5 years 10 months ago #59199 by m_era
I have placed a project on VWorkers as suggested in this forum, with the following title: Limesurvey in the field of Compliance: Audience Voting from smartphones, coding of answers, interpreting of results

would be good if someone with expertise in this field could check it out and let me know their thoughts on VWorkers. Many thanks marianne

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5 years 10 months ago #59375 by m_era
It would be good to speak to someone if you had any experience in this field or any thoughts. The plan would be to have a mobile web application for submitting answers that does not have all the full text that the full survey has, yet the full survey is displayed at the front of the conference room during the workshop and the results of the voting are displayed there. Ie,
The mobile web application must:
- Function and display clearly on most smartphones (incl Blackberry, i Phone, Android)
- Interface with the main limesurvey (see under ‘scenario work’ on
- The prototype should include questions 1, 2 and 8 of this survey.
- While the mobile web application will not display the long answer texts from the main survey, users should still recognise which bit of the answer mask they are in when they fill out the small answer screen on their smartphones (the full questions will be displayed on a big screen in the conference room).
- Application must be able to collect the answers submitted via smart phones from, say, 50, users and integrate them into the main lime survey.
- The results submitted via smart phones will then display in the main survey that is shown during the workshop on the main screen at the front.

also, if you feel this does not work, then pls let me know. thanks.

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