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Multiple dropdowns with fill in the blank

5 years 10 months ago #58790 by ripcurlksm
Is it possible to do questions like this? I've been using LimeSurvey for a few weeks and have had good success. However some questions that we want to do are getting complex and I can use a little guidance if these are possible to do. I do have good experience with HTML/PHP so it would be great if i could customize LimeSurvey to do these questions.

Question 1 type criteria:
1) radio buttons where they can choose increase or decrease and enter a number %
2) Nice to have (optional) an "Other" write in box with same criteria as #1

Question 2 type criteria:
1) Select a category from a drop down
2) Insert a number into a percentage box

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5 years 10 months ago #58829 by DenisChenu

I think you have to look at this workaround:

I move your topic in the good section ..

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