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Iterate Question Groups

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #58763 by Gles1

i am working on a project with LS at the moment. the goal is not to create a survey. instead i want to create an entry mask for a selected group of people who will enconde newspaper articles. thus we will get data for some research on media content analysis.

My Problem:

For each Newspaper (for which we collect data: first question group: name, date,.. [5 variables]) there is a undefined number of articles (for which we collect data again: secound question group: length, topic,.. [70 Variables]) and for each article there is a undefined number of statements (third group: 20 Variables).

I need to repeat the second and third question groups as often as there are articles and statements, reespectively.
What i read in the forum so far is that it is no possibility to iterate question groups dynamically. Do i have to copy them with a defined number in advance? I assume that there will be 20 articles to encode in each newspaper and about 20 statements in each article. Is it possible with LS to save so much Data or do i have to fear problems? Or are there even dynamical alternatives?

Best Regards from Germany
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