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Printable version and dropdowns in lists and arrays

5 years 11 months ago #58608 by jcbureau
I apologize if the question is stupid but I have not found any topic about it: In a long (multilingual) survey, I could easily use the print function to get pdf versions(useful to check translations). Until in introduced some dropdowns in both dual arrays and lists. Then I have not been able to print anything anymore. Have you ever come up with the same problem? Again, sorry for this beginner's question.

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5 years 11 months ago #58671 by Mazi
1. Which Limesurvey version are we talking about?

2. Can you explain the problem in more detail? Are there any error messages?

3. Can you easily reproduce the problem, e.g. always when adding a certain question type a feature is broken?

4. Please switch on debug mode by adding the following line to your config.php file:
$debug = '1';

Are there any additional errors reported on top of the page?

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5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #58809 by jcbureau
Thanks for your help

1- I am using LimeService, it says it is the 1.90+.

2- There is not really much to explain : I have a large bilingual survey. It worked fine. And at some point, the "print" function stopped working. There is no error message, it just leads to a blank page (i.e. the URL corresponding to goes nowhere).

3- You are right, I need to do more research. Actually, I created a new, much shorter survey, with dual arrays with dropdownlists, and it prints like a baby. So my diagnostic was wrong, it was not the introduction of the dropdown lists. Must be something else.

It could be because I have two questions with a very large number (16) of scenarios in setting conditions for these questions to pop out (the questions are very targeted and depend on the responses in a previous dual array). The conditions works fine but I noticed that, when I export the survey (.lss) and re-import it, the questions always appear, I have to reset the conditions manually. Which is weird. It could be the same reason that prevents the printing since it happened roughly at the same time. I have not seen anywhere that there is a maximum number of conditions in the condition designer, though.

4- There is no error reported. And data integrity check is fine. Regarding the config.php: sorry, I don't even know where to find this file.
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5 years 10 months ago #58810 by jcbureau
Yes, this is what I thought: the problem seems to be that a large number of conditions on one particular question creates two problems:

- the conditions are not saved when one exports the survey
- the print function does not work. It works fine when I remove these conditions.

Maybe it was something everyone knew but me ....


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5 years 10 months ago #59095 by jcbureau
The diagnostic was bad: it is not the dropdown questions that creates the trouble: it is the conditions on responses generated by a dual array. This creates two problems: impossible to print the survey structure. And refusal to export these conditions in the .lss file.

Dual arrays are the problem. This is addressed somewhere else in the forum. Sorry for the erroneous topic caused by a bad analysis of the problem.

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