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Assessments for psychological test with 2 scale

5 years 11 months ago #58445 by Yurij
Hello, I use LS to carry out the psychological test in which processing of questions is carried out as follows:
Scale1=q1+q4+q6 (21 point)
Scale2=q2+q3+q5 (21 point)

Whether probably it to make, that on the termination of the test the respondent got a point and interpretation on each of test scales? For example:
Scale1 0-7 points
Scale2 14-21 points

While I can make it only separately for Scale1 (or Scale2), but not for two at once.

In advance thanks for the answer

Excuse for my English, I write through the online translator

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5 years 11 months ago #58448 by Mazi
This isn't possible. You can only set total assessments with different max values or set several group based assessments. The only solution would be to put each scale into it's own group and then use group assessment scores.

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5 years 10 months ago #59128 by Yurij
Thanks for the answer!
Whether it is possible to randomize the questions united in groups, i.e. questions are shown in a casual order from any group of a question. Whether the assessments mode will work thus?
for example:
Are shown to the respondent in such order: Q1_1 Q2_1 Q1_2 Q2_2 ...

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