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Session Time Out

5 years 11 months ago #58337 by am91962
I'm using LimeSurvey as CATI software for my call center. Every now and then there will be a spat of time out issues. The interviewer will go to hit submit on the last page and the session time out page will pop up and everything will be lost. Is there a way to set LimeSurvey so that it will never, never, never time out? I currently have the time out set to 36,000 seconds, however, time outs occur much more frequently. I'm currently running Version 1.90+ Build 9642.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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5 years 11 months ago #58345 by DenisChenu

Maybe you can have access at the session directly on the server.

You can use some config for LimeSurvey, but sometimes it's don't work because of the server configuration.
See for LimeSurvey

36 000 seconds is one hour , the interviewer use one hour or more bettween each page ????
I think you have a session problem on your server.

Maybe have a look to your php.ini configuration

And in some server, session files are removed by a script all X minutes :)

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