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collect a response from many users

5 years 11 months ago #57774 by nidele
i have a strange request
i prepare a survey. this survey is sent by invitation to many users
an users is an istitution but in some case the data in the istitution are distribuited to many users.
so i can have a situation like this: for one response of an istitution could be 5-15 users that insert data and i want a users that could check/delete/change/insert the data insert from the other users and finally send the response.

i'm thinking about some solution
A) a superusers of the istitution that could view admin panel but i don't want that a user of an istitution could see (change?) the data from other istitution. in this case for a response i have to send 5-15 invitation...
B) use the saving option. in this case one people in the organization insert own data, save, send the email with link at the other users. for big istitution this can generate some mistake
other solutions?

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